Boulé Foundation

Archon Charles C. Teamer
Charles C. Teamer

The Vision

The vision for establishing the Boulé Foundation is reflective of the deep passion for education and excellence that have been the hallmarks of Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity since its founding. The celebration of its 25th anniversary is a testament to the care and dedication of Archons throughout the Fraternity in ensuring that it remains a strong financial entity for the provision of aid and assistance that are consistent with its mission and objectives. Its creation and mission have been one of the best kept secrets in the African American community! Because of its tremendous reach of influence, it is now known and celebrated.

Peyton Williams, Jr.
Secretary, The Boulé Foundation

The idea for the Foundation was rooted in 1927 when then Grand Sire Archon William C. McNeil first proposed such an entity. The stated purpose of the Boulé Foundation was to "use and apply the whole or any part of the income therefrom and the principal thereof exclusively for charitable, religious, scientific, literary or educational purposes." Past Grand Sire Archon Robert V. Franklin, a retired Ohio Supreme Court Judge, developed the legal basis for the Foundation that was eventually chartered in Ohio. The incorporators hammered out a mission distinct from the Fraternity's Social Action Committee, from which $100,000 had been transferred to fund the new Foundation. The distinction agreed upon was that the Foundation would serve as the Grand Boulé's grant-maker to programs recommended by the Social Action Committee. The Foundation is a 501(c) (3) organization and all contributions are tax deductable.

Archon Anthony W. Hall, Jr.
Anthony W. Hall, Jr.

A Message From the Chairman

Dear Archons and Archousai:

The Quartern is The Boulé Foundation’s 2013 Annual Report. The Quartern is so named because it is the first quarter-of-a-century marker for your foundation. And what a journey these twenty-five years have been.

The Quartern is dedicated to the Archons and Archousai of Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity, who planted the seeds for The Boulé Foundation and who have since moved to higher ground. It is in the inevitable ebb and flow of life that each of us, for however much time we are given, must press on toward the mark.

“The Boulé Foundation was created to do the greatest good by building a corpus large enough that the members of Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity could contribute, collectively and generously, to many causes,” said Archon Manford Byrd, the Foundation’s treasurer. And in this next quartern, we press on to the mark with clarity of purpose and a track record of success in achieving our goals. But in 2005 you rose as well to the challenge of the national emergency created by hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Your giving, which was matched by your foundation, totaled more than $600,000, and in keeping with The Boulé Foundation’s mission, that money has been designated for scholarships to students enrolled in New Orleans and East Texas colleges, whose educational pursuits were interrupted by the storms.

The Quartern is the record of The Boulé Foundation’s stewardship during 2005. It is divided into four quarters: The Vision, Resource Generation, Design and Implementation, and Governance and Accountability. You will find on these pages lists of your names and the cumulative level of your legacy giving. Also, several of you responded when we asked why you give to the Boulé Foundation and why other Archons and Archousai should do the likewise. Several of you generously shared as well your ideas on ways that The Boulé Foundation might broaden its mission in response to changing times. Again and again, Archons and Archousai told us that they wanted their foundation to do more outreach to African American youths and especially young black males due to their overrepresentation in the nation’s prisons, its foster care system, homicide statistics and numbers of absentee fathers.

The Boulé Foundation’s compelling mission is “to restore greatness to our young people and to our community,” Archousa Carol Goss said. And I ask that you be generous so that your foundation can stand in the gap for our children. If we don’t, who will?

Archon Anthony W. Hall, Jr.

Resource Generation

The Boulé Foundation currently generates income from a number of sources. They include return on investment, annual assessments from the Archons, proceeds from the Foundation's Gala benefit held during the Grand Boulé, and the personal contributions of Archons and Archousai. The cumulative giving of Archons and Archousai is encouraged through the Boulé Foundation's Legacy Awards Program, which began in 1992 with a $1,000 contribution in honor of Sigma Pi Phi's Founder Henry M. Minton.

The Legacy Awards are named for men of the Fraternity who have distinguished themselves in some field of national endeavor.

The Legacy Awards are:

  • Anthony W. Hall Jr. Legacy Award, $500,000 (cumulative contributions)
  • Calvin E. Tyler Jr. Legacy Award, $400,000 (cumulative contributions)
  • Thomas B. Shropshire Legacy Award $300,000 (cumulative contributions)
  • James E. Payne Legacy Award, $200,000 (cumulative contributions)
  • John B. Clemmons, Sr. Legacy Award, $100,000 (cumulative contributions)
  • Robert V. Franklin Legacy Award, $75,000 (cumulative contributions)
  • William Sylvester “Turk” Thompson Legacy Award, $50,000 (cumulative contributions)
  • Harvey C. Russell Legacy Award, $25,000 (cumulative contributions)
  • Percy Julian Legacy Award, $10,000 (cumulative contributions)
  • W.E.B. Du Bois Legacy Award, $5,000 (cumulative contributions)
  • James P. Brawley Legacy Award, $2,500 (cumulative contributions)
  • Henry M. Minton Fellow Legacy Award, $1,000 (non-cumulative contribution)

Scholarships Sponsored by the Foundation

The Boulé Foundation distributes its funds primarily to educate new generations of black leaders, support others working to protect and advance the civil rights of African Americans and to improve the quality of life for African Americans. The Boulé Foundation meets its objectives in several ways:

Boulé Achievement Scholarship Program

The Foundation annually awards twelve $1,000 achievement scholarships in each of the four years that recipients are enrolled in college. At the Centennial Grand Boulé in Philadelphia in 2004 new scholarships and grant programs were awarded and announced.

The LeBaron Taylor Scholarship

Archon Taylor was a pioneer in the entertainment industry. And upon his death at age 65 in 2000, his friend, Archon Oldfield Dukes, raised about $55,000 that was matched by the Foundation in order to provide perpetual four-year scholarships to students aspiring to careers in business, music or the arts.

The Thomas Bailey Shropshire Matching Grants Program

This program honors Past Grand Sire Archon Thomas Bailey Shropshire. He helped establish The Boulé Foundation. The matching grants program in his name supports and encourages member boulés to energize their social action programs.

Centennial Scholarship Fund

The fund was established with $100,000 as a one-year-only program with awards made during the 2005-2006 academic year. The program was then extended for an additional academic year. The fund was a call to member boulés to share in those funds by applying to the Foundation for matching $1,000 grants for the scholarships they awarded locally. The target group for Centennial Scholarships were young minority males who completed at least one year of college, attained a 3.0 grade point average, and whose road to graduation was made rocky by personal financial pressures. The Boulé Foundation also seeks to fulfill its commitment to equality and social justice by contributing generously and regularly to other groups whose main focus also is centered around the social issues and advancement of African Americans. Some of those groups include the NAACP, Urban League, NAACP Legal Defense Fund and History Makers.

Board of Trustees

Chairman, Anthony W. Hall, Jr., Esq. (Nu)
Vice Chairman, James A. B. Lockhart, Esq. (Alpha Rho)
Secretary, Dr. Charles C. Teamer, Sr. (Alpha Alpha)
Treasurer, Dr. Manford Byrd, Jr. (Beta)

Dr.  Kim Lumhoo Allen (Beta Eta)
Mr. Samuel W. Bacote III (Kappa)*
Mr. Henry H. Brown (Nu)
Mr. Michael B. Bruno (Alpha Alpha)*
Mr. Khephra K. Burns (Alpha Sigma)*
Dr. Tyree Carr (Delta Theta)
James O. Cole, Esq., (Alpha Rho)*
Mr. Wesley A. Coleman (Xi)*
Mr. N. John Douglas (Gamma Chi)
Mr. Leon R. Fulton (Alpha Alpha)
Johnny O. Gibbons (Delta Rho)*
Mr. Donald V. Goens (Delta Sigma)
Mr. Robert Holmes, Jr. (Beta Kappa)
Jerlando F.L. Jackson (Epsilon Theta)*
Mr. Michael P. Johnson (Epsilon Iota)
Mr. Irving J. Matthews (Beta Xi)
Cornell Leverette Moore, Esq. (Omicron)
James E. Payne, Esq. (Delta Zeta)
Dr. Enrique A. Riggs (Zeta)
Mr. Roy S. Roberts (Iota)
Mr. Calvin E. Tyler, Jr. (Epsilon Beta)
Dr. Gregory J. Vincent (Gamma Gamma)*
Mr. Charles L. Wallace (Delta Theta)*
Dr. Gladys Hope Franklin White (Beta Epsilon)
Mrs. Nola Lancaster Whiteman (Alpha Sigma)

Chairman Emeritus

Robert V. Franklin (Alpha Phi)**


Dr. Matthew G. Carter (Gamma Xi)**
Dr. John B. Clemmons, Sr. (Alpha Lambda)**
Dr. Richard I. McKinney (Gamma)**
Dr. Huel D. Perkins, Sr. (Alpha Xi)**
Mrs. Jacqulyn Calloway Shropshire (Delta Theta)
Dr. Clinton Warner, Jr. (Kappa)**
Mr. Eddie N. Williams (Epsilon)**

*Ex Officio members who serve by virtue of their office held in Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity.


Chairman Emeritus
Robert V. Franklin (Alpha Phi)**

Dr. Matthew G. Carter (Gamma Xi)**
Dr. John B. Clemmons, Sr. (Alpha Lambda)**
Dr. Richard I. McKinney (Gamma)**
Dr. Huel D. Perkins, Sr. (Alpha Xi)**
Mrs. Jacqulyn Calloway Shropshire (Delta Theta)
Dr. Clinton Warner, Jr. (Kappa)**