Epsilon Epsilon Archon Announces New Media Network

Archon Landon Taylor of newly chartered Epsilon Epsilon Boulé in Orange County, California, is leading the launch of a new and potentially transformative media network. Archon Taylor is the founder, president and CEO of the Los Angeles-based New Paradigm Broadcast Network (NPBN), which is currently in development and will be launched later this year. Archon Taylor conceived and created NPBN to engage and entertain primarily African American and Hispanic viewers with positive, affirming and empowering programming.

“The New Paradigm Broadcast Network isn’t just redefining the traditional media mold, it’s breaking it entirely,” Archon Taylor says. “NPBN will deliver refreshing reality instead of the same tired stereotypes that have been all too common on America’s airwaves. We’re bringing new energy to the airwaves by re-imagining entertainment as uplifting, educational and reflective of the real world in which millions of us live today.”

He adds that the new network will use its Web site (www.npbn.com) to encourage visitors to share ideas, thoughts, videos and other materials and to enlist their help in shaping NPBN programming and creating a vibrant, engaged and active online community.

Archon Taylor's vision for the NPBN launch as a broadcast network for the 2009–2010 season is to have it seamlessly integrate with www.npbn.com to create a truly 21st century media company that reflects the modern reality of African Americans and Hispanics.

Information about NPBN shows like “In the Park” and “Everything,” now in development, can be found at www.npbn.com. In the weeks and months to come, NPBN will use the site to air clips and receive community input on the network’s programming.

NPBN will also use its Web site to introduce its Digital Media Academy. The Academy will challenge young and student television producers and filmmakers to produce innovative content that uplifts and empowers viewers. Submissions will be selected for posting on NPBN.com or airing on NPBN later this year.

The goals of the Digital Media Academy are both short and long term. Young people working in film and television will be able to pilot ideas and receive feedback and comment from a wide range of individuals. The Digital Media Academy will also help to ensure that there is a pipeline of diverse talent to feed the broadcasting and entertainment industries for years to come.