SPECIAL FEATURE . . .Christmas Parties for the Archousae

From New York to California and from Cleveland to Tallahassee, it has become a tradition among Archons in subordinate Boulés to give an annual party for the ladies, chiefly around Christmas time, when both mother nature and the ladies look their best. The 1963 Yuletide Season was no exception. This section carries feature stories of parties given around the country. Among such gorgeous affairs were those given by Alpha Boulé in Philadelphia, Tau Boulé in Cleveland, Psi Boulé in Louisville, Chi Boulé in Nashville, Alpha Epsilon Boulé in Marshall, Texas, Alpha Nu Boulé in Wichita, Kansas, Mu Boulé of New Jersey, and many others. Stories of these parties are told in the following pages by the Grapters of the respective Boulés, with accompanying pictures.

Reproduced from The Boulé Journal, Volume 26, Number 2, January, 1964, page 16

Alpha Epsilon of East Texas

Archons and Archousae of the Alpha Epsilon Boulé had a date with Santa Claus at the President's mansion on the campus of Wiley College, Marshall, Texas, on Sunday, December 15, at 6 p. m. The group marched on the city of Marshall in full strength and included the widows of departed Archons Frank E. Williams and H. J. Mason.

Everything in the beautiful home was suggestive of the yuletide spirit and, amid the decorative splendor, Archons and Archousae acted as if they were hungry for a gay and lively party and they were in no wise dis appointed.

The yuletide spirit started even at the entrance to the mansion where each visiting Archon and Ar chousa was duly impressed by the elegance and simplic ity of the huge nativity scene which occupied most of the front lawn. Lights from the nativity scene were reflected by decorations on the front door of the man sion which consisted of three huge red candles with a silver foil background and which also included a touch of Christmas greenery.

Upon entrance into the huge living room, it was clearly evident that Archon and Archousa T. Winston Cole, Sr., had gone to extremes to insure the pleasure and happiness of the guests.

A huge lighted Christmas tree with the base com pletely concealed by the numerous gifts that awaited distribution occupied a place of prominence in the living room. The breath taking beauty of the tree with its decorations made Archons and Archousae reluctant to remove what were beneath it.

A most generous household staff was on hand toinsure the comfort of each guest.

The cocktail hour was so elaborate that the call for dinner was almost ignored. It featured an abund ance of lavishly assorted hors d'oeuvres and other deli cacies that defy description.

Three beautiful tables bedecked with sparkling silver, immaculate white linens, crystals and china, printed place cards and colorful Christmas cheer wel comed and seated the guests.